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Success as an Entrepreneur & Personal Fulfillment

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In this article, I want to share three aspects of my career as an entrepreneur that provided me with the most fulfillment and joy. For me, it is about building a family, giving back, and changing the world.

Building a Family

A family doesn’t have to be blood-related nor does it only happen through a matrimony process. It can also be created within your company, a place to work, to have fun, to laugh, to argue, and cry. You’re spending one-third of your day with the people you work with, so as an entrepreneur or executive, make it an enjoyable experience by investing in building a culture to find the right people who can bring value to your business and connect with you on a personal level. I’m proud to consider my team at Prizm Media as a family. It’s always a pleasure to show up to work every day with people you can trust, rely on, and bond with. Work towards building your ideal culture, where you can feel excited to show up to the office.

Giving Back

I immigrated to Canada at the age of 10 where my grandfather left his career behind to provide me with better opportunities and a better future. Without him, I would never have become an entrepreneur nor would I have operated my business. His help and selfless actions resonated with me for the rest of my life. That’s why I am committed to giving back to the people and the community whenever I can. Successful outcomes are never achieved by one person, but rather, by an accumulation of mentors, team members, and loved ones who engaged with you along the journey. The saying “all tides lifts all boats” is what I live by when explaining my determination to help others whenever I can. Give back to causes that you care and are passionate about. What it may be, you will feel incredible for it.

Change the World

I paraphrase a quote from Steve Jobs – only the crazy ones who think they can change the world will do it. When my co-founder and I started Prizm Media, we wanted to create an impact on the world in some way. Eventually, that led us to the desire of improving the lives of people suffering from chronic conditions. One thing led to another where we started an online nutritional supplement store in college back in 01’ and now we are a patient-centric company that helps people with chronic conditions by improving their access to healthcare providers and medical supplies. The evolution of our company was not driven by profit, but rather staying true to our vision of impacting the lives of people and bettering health outcomes. Technology and trends are always changing throughout your business but your vision should never change. Dream big, set goals, and turn your dreams into a reality.

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