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About Zeeshan Hayat

Zeeshan Hayat's Pursuit for a World Beyond Meism

My Philosophy

In every challenge lies the seed of opportunity—to not only lift ourselves but to elevate those around us. My philosophy is rooted in the belief that true success comes from creating meaningful impact. It’s about more than alleviating poverty; it’s about empowering individuals with the tools and opportunities to change their own lives and, by extension, their communities. Through business mentorship, entrepreneurship, marketing, and developing a plan for success that includes the success and growth of others. I live for the pursuit of impact, dedicating my journey to building a world where every person has the chance to thrive. This is the heart of my work, my drive, and my commitment to a better tomorrow.

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My Experience

For over twenty years, my journey has been more than a career; it’s been a mission of heart and soul. Beyond the realms of marketing and business strategy, my life’s work has been deeply intertwined with philanthropy. This path has shown me that the truest form of success comes from uplifting others—through mentoring, community service, and the relentless pursuit of social betterment. My commitment extends beyond professional achievements to fostering a culture of generosity, empathy, and actionable change. Each act of giving and mentorship is a step towards a vision where every individual can achieve their potential, supported by a community that values growth, improvement, and collective well-being. This philosophy of life and work underscores everything I do, blending the lines between personal achievement and the profound impact we can have on the world around us.

My Mentorship Initiative

Annually, I offer free mentorship to one aspiring entrepreneur from anywhere in the world, focusing on individuals with limited resources. This careful and meaningful process allows me to share my extensive experience through one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching, workshops, and retreats. My goal extends beyond mentorship; I aim to foster growth, unlock potential, and open doors to my network, acting not only as a mentor but also as a sponsor of their future. This commitment involves guiding an individual with limited resources annually, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to flourish. It’s about creating opportunities for significant professional and personal development, ensuring they have the support needed to navigate their journey and achieve their aspirations

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My Journey of Social Impact

Three decades of Impact
My journey has been deeply rooted in the belief that giving back is not just a duty but a privilege. From early days supporting local fundraisers to embarking on missions to distribute meals in Lahore, my heart has always been set on making a difference.

My Islamic faith and the values I’ve learned from witnessing the hardships of others have deeply inspired my work towards spiritual growth and fulfilling my obligations to my community. This journey has been profoundly influenced by my grandfather, whose wisdom and guidance have been my guiding light. Through initiatives like the 100 Meals a Week, the establishment of a Muslim Food Bank, mentorship and educational programs, I’ve aimed to quietly contribute, embodying the Islamic ethos of service and compassion. True success, for me, is measured by the positive impact on the lives of others, aspiring to make meaningful changes through humility and dedicated service.

Visual Diary of Hopes, Dreams and Actions

Mentorship Application Process

To apply for the mentorship program, please submit a 2,000-word essay detailing your current life experiences, aspirations, and personal philosophy. Highlight the challenges you’ve faced, along with specific instances where you’ve demonstrated grit and perseverance. This essay is your opportunity to share your story, showcasing your unique journey, motivations, and how you embody resilience in the face of adversity. Your narrative will help me understand your potential and how our mentorship can assist in achieving your goals and yes, I read all submissions.

  • Real Resume (what does that mean?)
    Throw out all the rules you know about creating a resume and write one that includes how you have contributed to others’ lives. Give me an understanding of what you have done with your life up until now not just to serve yourself but how you have served others.
  • Share it digitally through the form below
    Don’t send me an attachment. Upload the file online and include any additional info about yourself and your goals and password protect it then include the link and password in the form below.

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