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Loose Lips Sink Ships (Sometimes) – Or Why You Should Share Your Business Expertise

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Loose Lips Sink Ships (Sometimes) - Or Why You Should Share Your Business Expertise

It is an unhappy truth in business that the executives can be a secretive bunch. Though I consider my peers to be the greatest in the world and count many as close friends, the stereotypical image of the shadowy corporate decision-makers is everywhere for a reason. However, this should not, cannot not, and will not continue in today’s global community. With the Internet hitting 3 billion users this year in a world with over 472 million entrepreneurs, it is imperative that we share business expertise – or risk being left behind. Yes, as CEOs, Presidents, and Senior Officers, it has taken years of hard learned lessons and back-and-brain-breaking labor to get the expertise that we have now. Yes, these corporate strategies have paved the way for the accomplishments that define our professions.

Yes, giving away this expertise risks that a competitor can use it to get ahead in the industry, in profits, or even ahead of you. And yes, of course only share information that is your own and that you are comfortable sharing. I cannot emphasize this enough. Never share information that is confidential, about your clients, or your consumers. But the reality is that business is not a vacuum. None of us has achieved these lofty careers without a little direction. I certainly did not. We should be proud of the guidance that we have received along the way to our success, and it is our responsibility as business leaders to pass that advice along.

There are huge benefits to sharing knowledge with others. You will be enriching an incredible community of businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporate powerhouses, and aspiring businesspeople. You are providing a foundation for progress and creativity. You are doing good and making the world a better place, just like your mentors, advisors, friends, and family did for you. Sharing is not all about caring, either. Freely giving away information is one of the best ways you can network and promote your brand. You will enjoy great benefits if you take the time to speak on an entrepreneurial panel, create a webinar, give a presentation at a trade show, or publish a white paper. Just this year, I spoke at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, was published in HME News and Leadscon, presented at Medtrade Spring, was featured in Business in Vancouver’s Living/Working video series. Additionally, my CEO Roundtable group won the award for Roundtable excellence at the ACETECH Whistler Summit.

Mentoring is also one of the most time-honored ways to share corporate knowledge. I mentor young students with my Prizm Media Co-founder and President, Karina Hayat, through the BC chapter of Junior Achievement (JA). JA is the world’s largest not-for-profit organization committed to educating youth about business. In return for these relatively small gifts of time and resources, I have never been more fulfilled professionally and in life. By sharing myself with others, I have met countless new people, attracted and retained clients, and built a family-like team at Prizm Media. More importantly, sharing my experiences has assisted others to grow and learn so that we can continue to push forward and innovate in the future. Every time you help others as an industry expert, you earn credibility and represent yourself and your company, making you a more desirable connection. Be someone that you would want to do business with by sharing your business expertise. It will take you (and everyone around you) further than you think

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