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Transforming Our Organization: Insights from Karina and Zeeshan’s Gratitude Round

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This week, we turn our focus to the power of gratitude, especially in the workplace. We often reserve our expressions of Gratitude for our personal lives, but bringing this practice into our professional environment fulfils a deeper psychological need—the desire to belong to something greater and to find meaning in our work.

The benefits of gratitude in the workplace are well-documented, linking it to increased positive emotions, improved mental health, heightened self-esteem, better sleep and even contributing to stronger team relationships. Researchers suggest that gratitude is influential because it is a multifaceted social emotion. Essentially, it prompts us to consider the actions and perspectives of others. We can’t truly appreciate someone’s efforts to assist us without pausing to take a moment to understand their viewpoint. It’s not surprising that some studies reveal gratitude is also connected to oxytocin, the hormone that promotes social bonding.

In our organization, the shift towards a more human-centric workplace, rooted in gratitude, was pivotal. We wanted our employees to feel appreciated, valued, respected, and empowered. Despite initial awkwardness, we began to see the transformative potential of incorporating gratitude into our organizational culture

A simple way Karina Hayat and I tried to incorporate this practice into our organization is by providing weekly catered lunches followed by a Gratitude Round, where team members can acknowledge and express their appreciation for their colleagues’ efforts and contributions.

Engaging in team-building activities that remove employees from the usual work setting and allow them to enjoy themselves also contributed positively to our team. As part of this, we organized events such as team lunches, monthly company social events, and volunteering with charitable organizations that are making a social impact.

Ultimately, gratitude became part of our organizational fabric. Over the following months, we continued to build on this foundation, creating a more supportive and appreciative workplace.

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3 Strategies for Leaders to Foster Gratitude in the Workplace

1. Distribute Thank-You Notes: Regularly express appreciation through handwritten notes, emails, or even public acknowledgements during team meetings. Start small by writing one note a day. Encourage employees to do the same by providing company thank-you cards.

2. Create Gratitude Spaces: Set up physical or virtual areas for employees to express their feelings, such as a “Wall of appreciation” in a common area or an online platform. Public display of gratitude help embed appreciation into the workplace culture.

3. Find Silver Linings in Adversity: Expressing gratitude during difficult situations is crucial. Reflect on challenges to find lessons learned and growth opportunities. Model this behaviour to help your team build a positive outlook

One key lesson Karina and I learned along the way is that gratitude isn’t one-size-fits-all. People appreciate and express gratitude in different ways, and it’s important to recognize and honour these differences. Whether it’s through small gestures, public acknowledgment, or personal notes, finding the right way to show appreciation is crucial.

and Karina Hayat, a dynamic entrepreneurial couple, whose journey is an intersection of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and social responsibility. With over two decades of diverse industry experience, Zeeshan Hayat and Karina Hayat co-founded and led initiatives focused on driving digital transformation and innovation. As mentors, they advocate for young entrepreneurs to make sound decisions in their careers. Beyond business success, the couple actively supports their community through initiatives like 100 Meals a Week.

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